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 thanks a lot to ur reply .......=0D
                             actualiy , i want to know that , =0D
 1>  when i am using fixed address (leases statement inside the .conf fil=
then how to limit this address , i.e. if i want to use fixed address at
certain time? =0D
   2>  if , i want that , if my machine is using fixed address , but when
any server comes inro lan , it should detect that server , and produce
request for leases.=0D
 3>   In case of fixed address, the renew , expire and rebind statement i=
compulsory ? =0D
        can i declare leases statement without that ? if not , then what =
significance of them? =0D
 4>   i face one more problem , when i release the one of the leases (eth=
/eth1), by using  -r flag , then after sometime , it also take the leases
from server.=0D
        so , how to avoid leases , when one of the or both interface don'=
want  leases , but even need to be in lan?=0D
6>    when i m releasing the lease , and i want message related to that i=
message no. 7 , then , how to get it ?=0D
7>    in  /var/lib/dhcp ,  in .leases file , it will comntain all leases =
or only those are valid ?=0D
 8>    we know that , at the 50 % time of  leases, client  try the renew =
 if it successes in that , remaining   50%  leases first will use by clie=
 then new allocated leases , or , client will use new leases , n but
remaining 50% leases in leases database.=0D
                                                      eagerly waiting for=
Hitesh Sharma=0D
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Subject: Re: about /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient-eth0.leases=0D
On Sat, Feb 03, 2007 at 04:13:07PM +0530, hitesh sharma wrote:=0D
>                            i have one more query, which way will be goo=
d =3D=0D
> to=0D
> store the lease information , two diff. file(eth0,eth1) or one common f=
> e.=3D0D=0D
There is no real advantage to using a single common file unless you're=0D
going to use a single dhclient daemon (which is an advantage in saving=0D
Even in one file, the leases are segregated by interface name.=0D
> If  i want to use two different file , then will hv to create them my m=
e =3D=0D
> ,=0D
> or anything else? =3D0D=0D
Just provide the name of the files as a flag to dhclient.  The flags=0D
are documented in the manpage that comes with the source distribution.=0D
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