hex prepend?

Mike A. Hale mhale at nvisionnet.com
Mon Feb 19 23:41:13 UTC 2007

I am trying to send option 43 to specific Access Points. I have setup my
dhcpd.conf as the following:

option space Cisco_LWAPP_AP;
option Cisco_LWAPP_AP.server-address code 43 = string;

subnet netmask {
  option broadcast-address;
  option routers;
  range dynamic-bootp; # testing
  pool {
    range;  # 101
  min-lease-time 28800;
  max-lease-time 28800;
  default-lease-time 28800;
  option dhcp-renewal-time 3600;
  class "Cisco AP c1240" {
    match if option vendor-class-identifier = "Cisco AP c1240";
    option vendor-class-identifier "Cisco AP c1240";
    vendor-option-space Cisco_LWAPP_AP;
    option Cisco_LWAPP_AP.server-address f1:04:AA:57:D0:0C; }

Option 43 is correctly sending however it has values prepended. Instead
of sending f1:04:AA:57:D0:0C it is sending
2b:08:2b:06:f1:04:aa:57:d0:0c. After some searching it looks like these
prepended values are somehow related to the length of the string. How do
I get it to send only the string I need?


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