2 dhcpd Instances on Same Platform? Take 2

Martin McCormick martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu
Thu Feb 22 15:28:15 UTC 2007

Glenn Satchell writes:
> And it's good to see someone so dedicated to a project. Wow! 1993 must
> havc been pre1.0 code... Way to go.

	I got curious and looked back through my old mail
archives I keep around to settle arguments, etc, to see how
accurate my memory was.  It turns out I somewhat lied.  In 1993,
we were still using bootpd.  I found a request by a coworker to
make and install the latest version of bootpd.  In November of
1995, I found a message from our manager quoting one I had sent
to him in which we were going to turn on dhcpd on Monday November
27, 1995.  I had written a C engine to process the bootptab we
already had for bootpd and turn it in to the syntax needed for
dhcpd.conf although I didn't mention that file by name in the

	That's the day we actually started using what is now
called ISC-dhcpd.

	Four years ago, we had a really scary upheaval when
we thought we might have to shred everything and start over when
Microsoft Active Directory was introduced on our campus.  After
we talked to some of the contractors and showed them everything
we presently do with ISC-dhcpd and liberal use of UNIX shell scripts
and the like, they admitted it would take 4 Microsoft servers to
accomplish the same things--and, I wonder how long it would have
been until it all worked again?:-)

Martin McCormick

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