'peer holds all free leases' query

Pete Clarke pete at devilincarnate.eclipse.co.uk
Sat Feb 24 22:34:29 UTC 2007

> I am one of those, who regularly get 'peer holds all free leases'
> message in dhcp log files in our failover environment. Occasionally,
> I have to stop the daemon and purge lease database on one of the
> server, when the problem gets particularly worse. We do use NTP to
> sync time. I am using V3.0.4. Is there a feature in version after
> 3.0.4 that can help to alleviate this issue? I do see a mention of
> 'Failover servers try harder to retransmit binding updates upon
> entering NORMAL state' in the release notes of 3.0.5rc2. Is it related?

I also get a lot of these.
I have a fairly complex setup, lots of pools (~9,000) in a failover setup. I 
get a lot of the "peer holds all free leases" messages.
Server 2 doesn't seem to give any addresses out for certain pools.

Our setup is running 3.0.5 on Solaris. Would this just be "one of those 
things" - we can't simply down one box to purge the leases - this is a 
highly critical environment.

Any thoughts?


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