cannot ddns on a IP phone

Doug Armstrong doug at
Mon Feb 26 22:34:44 UTC 2007

>> I beleve the construct is somthing like:
>> ddns-hostname = pick (
>>                 host-decl-name,
it picks from this order the name declared in the host statement.
>>                 option host-name,
or if not there than the name in option host name (name provided by client)
>>                 concat ("ods-", binary-to-ascii (10, 8, 
>> "-",leased-address)));
or as a last resort set the name to ods--xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx   where 
xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx is the IP address given to the client.
>> search dhcpd.config manpage for ddns-hostname for usage.
>> Good
>> Luck
>> Douglas Armstrong
 This is from my production system and works for my needs. I am using 


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