DHCP Fail over Setup

Mark Wright mswright at tamu.edu
Tue Feb 27 21:43:37 UTC 2007

Glenn:  Many thanks for the response, we did figure out what the 
problem was, YAST was reconfiguring the include DHCP.master statement 
and putting it at the top of the dhcp.conf file, and this must be at 
the bottom of the file.  So to set up fail over mode in SUSE SLES 10 
you cannot use YAST to configure your conf files.  BTW we did try 
running dhcpd 3.05 in SLES 10 and it works fine in single mode and 
fail over mode.

At 06:06 AM 2/9/2007, you wrote:

> >Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2007 15:27:07 -0600
> >To: dhcp-server at isc.org
> >From: Mark Wright <mswright at tamu.edu>
> >Subject: DHCP Fail over Setup
> >
> >We are working Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10.1, which is running DHCP
> >Version 3.033.
> >
> >We are trying to get a fail over server up and running in our test
> >network.  Machine "A" as a stand alone DHCP server works fine.  When
> >we redo the DHCP.conf file and add the DHCP.master file on both
> >machines "A & B" with A being the authoritative (Primary) server and
> >B being the fail over (secondary) server and boot both machines we
> >get a statement from the messages log showing that  "
> >/etc/dhcpd.master line 32: failover peer dhcp: not found
> >and
> >/etc/dhcpd.master line 645: failover peer dhcp: not found.
> >
> >The servers support two ip segments.
> >
> >We also took the DHCP.master and DHCP.conf files from two slack ware
> >servers running DHCPD version 3.04. in an authoritative/fail over set
> >up which are working fine, and put them on "A" and "B"
> >respectively.  We have consulted "The DHCP Handbook (2nd Ed) but have
> >found nothing to help resolve this issue.  Any help would be appreciated.
> >
> >Mark Wright
>Sounds like something is not quite right in the config. Can you post
>both dhcpd.conf files. It looks like the files might be quite large so
>you can leave out anything not relevant, but please include the lines
>around 32 and 645 where the errors are reported. Also include the
>failover peer sections for both.
>Note that the list software strips attachments, so post the files in
>the body of the email.

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