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>i have a server with two interfaces, each interface is conected with a 
>different switch, i need to do this:
>eth0 - range
>eth1 - range
>how can i do this? im using debian 4
A little more information is required to understand your requirements.
Could you provide the IP address and subnet mask for each interface
(eth0 and eth1), and the network addresses on each interface. And a
brief description of how the addresses are arranged on the different
switches and subnets.

As a guess, are both interfaces on the server and the switches part of
the same subnet? You want to assign addresses from a different range
depending on which interface the request came in on? If this is not the
case please provide the information as described above and ignore the
rest of the message!

If this is the case, then you cannot really do what that. A dhcp client
sends a broadcast request (called a DHCPDISCOVER) which will be seen by
both interfaces. THe dhcp server will send a response (called a
DHCPOFFER) for each request. The dhcp server doesn't really know or
care which interface the DHCPDISCOVER came in on, so it can't
differentiate the requests that way.

So you can create a single subnet definition to handle the whole range,

subnet netmask {
  <other options>

and the addresses will be selected from each range.


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