DHCPv6 Unique Local IPv6

Shane Kerr Shane_Kerr at isc.org
Wed Jul 4 10:27:08 UTC 2007

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chinmaya wrote:
> Hi
> Client is sending Solicit on FE80:: ... address, and I am trying
> configure DHCP server
> such a way that Client gets a Local-IPv6 address (FC00:: ...).
> How can I force my DHCP-server to give a IP from different subnet. I
> don't want to use fixed-address.
> My current Configuration
> -- dhcpd.conf --
> authoritative;
> ddns-updates on;
> ddns-update-style interim;
> do-forward-updates on;
> #Subnet of DHCP Server
> subnet6 fe80::/48 {
> }
> subnet6 FC00:0000:4491:0002::/64 {
>     range6 FC00:0000:4491:0002::/64;
> }
> subnet6 FC00:0000:4491:0003::/64 {
>     range6 FC00:0000:4491:0003::/64;
> }

When a packet arrives, it comes on a specific interface (usually called
something like "le0" or "eth1"). The address of that interface is used to figure
out which subnet6 to use. (If a DHCPv6 relay is used, then the selection process
is slightly different.)

Once the subnet6 is selected, then the server picks an address from a range6
statement in that subnet6 declaration (if there are any). So, you should be able
to get what you want like so:

subnet6 fe80::/48 {
	range6 FC00:0000:4491:0002::/64;

Right now there is no way to get the server to give out multiple addresses to a
client, if you want to do that too.

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