Testing the DHCP Server

Mike Schmidt mike at sepia.com
Mon Jul 9 13:50:17 UTC 2007

If you wish to test a dhcp server offline, and you are a perl person, 
you might find the following perl modules useful:


Both provide minimal dhcp clients for testing.

I have tried both; I use a modified version of Net::DHCPClientLive 
because it acts like a real client, handling renewals and so on 
However, I've also had to make changes to it to support some types of 
options not supported already.
If you are not already an experienced perl user, you won't want to try 
these clients. They are not really plug-and-play.

These are probably only useful if, like myself, you deploy many dhcp 
based systems in different environments, need to test patches or new 
versions, etc.
I hope this is useful.


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