ISC DHCPD giving out reserved IPs for non-reserved hosts

Brent L. Bates blbates at
Mon Jul 9 13:54:40 UTC 2007

     It did it again!  Stripped the entire message contents.  :-(

     Since when does Micro$loth do anything in the `standard' way.  I believe
their DHCP server `reserves' IP addresses.  ISC's DHCPD server versions less
than 3.1 create `fixed addresses'.  I know it is a subtle difference, but it
is a difference.  Check the list archives for details.  I haven't used the new
version of ISC's DHCPD server yet, so I don't remember the details on if the
IP address ranges are set up differently for fixed addresses and reserved
ones.  Someone else on the list will know better.

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