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Thanks for the information

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>> I have standalone LINUX system having RHEL 4 installed on it.
>> I want to install dhcp 3.0.5 package from ISC to it.
>>Can anyone please guide how can I do that.
> I think the simplest way would be to install from RPMs - but I don't 
> know if there is still anyone building RPMs for each latest release 
> at the moment. Anyone know the answer to that one ?
> I'm not familiar with RH, but I'm guessing that EL4 is an older 
> version ? If so then you might have fun sorting out dependencies.

    EL4 is not that old. We skipped it here but I've built the current
DHCP on both EL3 and EL5 systems. It is an almost trivial operation.
There were no dependency problems with either.

    1) Unpack the distribution
    2) Modify site.conf to put in the paths to where you want 
	things to go
    3) Optionally set the *PATH* defines in .../includes/site.h
	to where you want things to be
    4) run configure
    5) make all
    6) make install
    7) Create an empty lease database file
    8) Create a config
    9) Have fun
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