DHCP performance testing

Puter ami puterami at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 12 21:26:59 UTC 2007


I am tasked with determining needs for various components for a very large 
organization segmented to large centers. I have been trying to research how 
to size and test for the DHCP implementation. None of the information I have 
been finding on the web gives me meaningful numbers.

I am asking for help in an industry-standard way of talking/testing DHCP 
performance. Or something that is industry-accepted. In other words, I need 
a definition and a level of performance to provide to companies so that they 
may answer with the type/size/number of hardware pieces (as well as 
software) to accommodate my customer's needs. This is for an 
Enterprise-class network.

I have heard "operations-per-second", "transactions-per-second", etc. How do 
people define and measure performance? I am most interested in what server 
performance is nominal for a large network (let's say ~60K nodes) for 
average and peak (everybody turns on at 8 in the morning).

Any pointers/help is much appreciated!

Ralph Bischof


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