Faster DHCP

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Mon Jul 16 20:32:19 UTC 2007

Mohammad Shakir wrote:

>How I can make my DHCP faster, because its take too much time to 
>assign ip to my static users. I have about 3000 dhcp users, here is 
>my dhcpd.conf file.
>   In my network I bind static Ip to my allow users and all other 
>unauthorized users get 192.168 ip.

I am surprised you have problems, 3000 clients is not a large 
installation - some have 100,000 or more. Can you elaborate on the 
scale of the problem, whether it's all the time or only at peak 
times, what sort of hardware it runs on, whether you are doing 
synchronous or async logging, ...

You will find threads discussing performance in the archives - with 
one thread as recent as last week under the heading "DHCP performance 

You might try correctly defining your subnets, because what you have 
written isn't valid - it's possible that the mismatch between subnet 
declaration and reality is causing the server to have to do more work.

>subnet netmask {

         ^^^^^^^         ^^^^^^^

>   # --- default gateway
>         option routers        ;
>         option subnet-mask    ;


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