Strange entries in my log file

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue Jul 17 07:21:31 UTC 2007

Pete Clarke wrote:

>  >> I am seeing quite a few of these entries in my log file:
>>>  Jul 16 16:31:37 cholet dhcpd: type 7 from 4e via unknown
>>>  network segment
>>>  What do they mean?
>>  Do you have a declaration for that subnet ?
>Only for and a few static entries...

Then your config doesn't match your network. You are obviously 
getting packets from another subnet, your don't have a declaration 
for that subnet, so you get log entries to tell you. Nothing strange 
about that.

>The clients all plugged in/wirelessly associated work fine - just
>wondered what those messages were all about ...
>Sometimes I get DHCPOFFERS from other networks too ... which is odd..

Again, not odd, you have something in your network that is forwarding 
packets which you didn't expect. You need to understand your network 
before you can understand the services running on it.

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