DHCPV6 Problems

Rommel S. Laranjo rlaranjo at infoweapons.com
Wed Jul 18 08:27:36 UTC 2007

Hello, thanks for this forum, I was now able to run dhcpv6 server. But 
my problem now is that i dont know how to make the dhclient request for 
ipv6 only.

Is there any updated manual on how to run dhclient for dhcpv6?



David W. Hankins wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 05:39:25PM +0200, Birenbaum, Moran wrote:
>> I did that but then I received error messages when I used the make
>> command.
> Looks like there's a dependency problem somewhere.  Try:
> 	make clean ; make
> The build system is something we're still working on.  I notice
> from your output that your local system re-did autoconf.  That makes
> it hard to predict results.  This is a bug in both our release process
> and our build environment which we're working on.

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