client request preferred IP address

Lars Jacobsen lars-jacobsen at
Wed Jul 18 21:14:45 UTC 2007

Jeff Weber <jweber at> wrote:

> I _usually_ have the same IP address assigned by the DHCP server.
> Where is
> this "memory" that tries to give me the same IP address? If it's in
> the
> server, I'm out of luck. But if the client tells the server the last
> IP
> address it held, perhaps this could be exploited. For example, could
> I edit
> the fixed-address line in the last lease I held prior to starting up
> my dhcp
> client?

Requesting the same IP is the expected behaviour acording to the RFC´s.
Have you read them, and theDHCPd man pages to ?

If what you want is to request another (specific) IP than the one
previusly used by the client, then you have to do some editing before
starting your dhcp client as you mention.


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