bootp and ignore dhcp?

Scott Moser smoser at
Fri Jul 27 19:37:13 UTC 2007

On Fri, 27 Jul 2007, Lars Jacobsen wrote:

>> Scott Moser wrote:
>>>    Is there a way that I can configure dhcpd to answer the bootp
>>> requests for known clients, but ignore *all* other requests ?  If its
>>> not possible, does anyone have any other suggestions to accomplish what
>>> I'm after?
>> In effort to do this, I set up config like:
>> subnet netmask {
>>    ignore unknown-clients;
>>    ignore booting;
>>    allow bootp;
>>    filename "/yaboot";
>>    host my-host {
>>       hardware ethernet 00:0d:60:1e:e0:9b;
>>       fixed-address;
>>    }
>> }
> You can use classes where you define your clients and allow this class only
> to the subnet/range
> Skimm the man and the list for examples.
    I thought thats what I was doing above, and my experience tells me it
was right.  The server would only respond to my listed hosts (as
'my-host').  The problem was that if I had "ignore booting", then the
server would not respond to bootp responses.  If I allowed booting
("allow booting") then the server would respond to both bootp *and* dhcp
requests from the listed hosts.
    I was hoping to get the server to only respond to bootp requests, and
ignore all dhcp requests.  I don't own the network, and thus any dhcp
responses on it (even to the clients I knew about) can be problematic.
I'd rather they get their dhcp responses only from the official dhcp
server, not me.
    The goal was for hosts I listed there to be able to boot via bootp
with an openfirmware command like:
      /pci at 8000000f8000000/pci at 0/ethernet at 1,1:server.ip.addr,,client.ip.addr

    Sorry for repeating myself, I'm just trying to be clear.  Maybe I'm
missing something.

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