bootp and ignore dhcp?

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sat Jul 28 06:41:20 UTC 2007

Chuck Anderson wrote:

>  >     I was hoping to get the server to only respond to bootp requests, and
>>  ignore all dhcp requests.  I don't own the network, and thus any dhcp
>>  responses on it (even to the clients I knew about) can be problematic.
>>  I'd rather they get their dhcp responses only from the official dhcp
>>  server, not me.

>This is an unrealistic goal.  DHCP is based on the BOOTP packet format
>and uses the same transport layer identifiers, so there is no real way
>to separate the functionality of the two on the same network subnet.
>There may be hackish ways to do it, but I wouldn't recommend it.

I agree, I can't think of a way to get the server to do exactly NOT 
what it is designed to do ! I suppose it should be possible to 
program a firewall rule to reject DHCP packets, IIRC they have a 
different BOOTP message type field to BOOTP packets.

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