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Niall O'Reilly Niall.oReilly at ucd.ie
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On 5 Jun 2007, at 20:34, Per olof Ljungmark wrote:

> Thank you for the response! I have really tried to give dhcpd a "green
> field", ie. started from scratch with clean zone files, but STILL see
> those messages. I am beginning to wonder if this particular network  
> has
> another competing dhcp server....

	Hmm...  This gets interesting, and at the same time begins to
	wander into the topic area of some other list.  Let's keep it here,
	unless someone objects, as long as it seems to be in the area of
	how dhcpd interacts with the DNS.  At least we should end up with
	a dhcpd/DDNS checklist for future reference.

	You'll need some scepticism about what is going on in order to make
	progress.  You mustn't assume that anything you 'know for sure' is
	actually happening unless you have data to prove it.  Useful methods
	involve tcpdump, log files for both dhcpc and name servers, with
	query-logging enables on the name servers.

	[ Of course, you know that, but I've been bitten enough times by my
	  own residual assumptions (_after_ I thought I had eliminated all
	  of them) to consider it worth saying ... ]

	Can you identify which name server is involved in the attempts by
	your dhcpd to update the zone?  Is this server really a master for
	the zone in question?  Is it the only master?

	Is this name server driven by a provisioning system (Active Directory?)
	which might be managing your zone for you?

	Have you a conflict between manual and dynamic updates to the zone

	Can you find (dig @server hostname.whatever.example ANY) what the
	'not mine' DHCID is?  Can you identify the DHCP server which is
	writing it?

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