vista, dns woes ?

Bruce Hudson Bruce.Hudson at Dal.Ca
Thu Jun 7 15:08:55 UTC 2007

>> We have two subnets in a shared network, each with its own parameters.

    I just managed to get my hands on a vista system I could use and our
clients are getting the wrong information based on the DHCPINFORM. It
appears that, despite the fact that the client has its IP address by this
point, it broadcasts the DHCPINFORM packet. That causes the server to fill
in the reply based on the IP address of the relay agent rather than the
client IP specified. 

	/* Find the subnet that the client is on. */
	if (gip.len) {
       	    /* XXX - do subnet selection relay agent suboption here */
	    find_subnet(&subnet, gip, MDL);
        } else {
	    /* XXX - do subnet selection (not relay agent) option here */
	    find_subnet(&subnet, cip, MDL);
Is there a reason why the subnet the relay address is on is preferred over
the subnet the client is on? The logic seems backwards to me.
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