DHCP transactions per second

Ragnar Lonn ragnar at ghn.se
Fri Jun 15 07:39:37 UTC 2007

Ian Anderson skrev:
> Math was never my strongest subject and I am hoping someone can offer 
> advise as to wether or not this is the proper way to compute DHCP tps.  
> I will be using a combination of the Ixia IXLoad test suite and 
> Nominum's dhcperf tool to perform stress tests.   All advise is welcome.

What is your experience of dhcperf?  I've had requests to include stress 
testing functionality
in my dhcptool test tool 
(http://gatorhole.com/index.php?product=dhcp&lang=gb) but if
there already are good open-source stress testing tools maybe I 
shouldn't spend time on
reinventing the wheel?



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