Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Jun 15 08:36:19 UTC 2007

Jim Pazarena wrote:

>I also have a similar appliance on my primary network, which does 
>not need a dhcp-relay because it is the network which is running 
>isc-dhcpd and to which all other dhcp-relays point to.
>If I should have dhcp-relay running on the primary network appliance 
>(for no good reason except that programming all the appliances 
>identically is much easier), I am wondering if dhcp-relay will cause 
>a problem. This is a bandwidth monitoring/limiting appliance.

It will probably just work without any real problem. What it will do 
is result in every query from a local client generating two queries 
to the dhcp server - one direct, the other via the relay. There have 
been some reports of odd happenings when this happens (normal cause 
is having two routers on a remote network to provide redundancy), but 
I can't recall what they were.

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