Heavy config file and vlan usage

Emmanuel Lesouef e.lesouef at crbn.fr
Tue Jun 19 15:42:15 UTC 2007

Currently, my DHCP update a DNS zone : testzone.intra

There are several type of equipments ont the different vlans. For
example, laptops, PCs and other computers are on vlan 3 whereas Avaya IP
phones are on vlan 4.

What I wanted to do, is to put IP phones on a DNS zone such as

Hope this helps.

And thank you all for the other answers to my "simple" questions.

Le mardi 19 juin 2007 à 16:31 +0100, Simon Hobson a écrit :
> Emmanuel Lesouef wrote:
> >I forgot to ask if it was possible, when dynamic updates are enabled, to
> >update other dns domains than the ddns-domainname and
> >ddns-rev-domainname domains ?
> Can you clarify what you want - I can see two interpretations and the 
> answers are different (yes or no) depending on what you are trying to 
> do !
Emmanuel Lesouef
t : 0231069671
m : e.lesouef at crbn.fr

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