Stupid "duplicate" question

Leger, Rita Rita.Leger at
Thu Jun 21 11:45:36 UTC 2007

Jiann-Ming Su wrote:

> What does the following message mean?

>dhcpd: uid lease for client aa:bb:cc:11:22:33 is
>duplicate on MySharedNetwork

I am unsure of what this message means exactly but I am receiving the
same error in my log files.  What dhcp client are you using?  Does your
client happen to change IP addresses just after receiving this error? 

We are using a combination of the factory loaded operating system which
performs a dhcp call and runs a bootloader, which loads WinCe then does
another dhcp call.  Every so often the IP address changes to a new IP
address, but it is always after receiving the same error.  I currently
have a ticket open with ISC on this problem, it would be helpful to know
if others are experiencing the same problem, and if they are under the
same or different conditions. 

Rita Leger

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