Memory problem

Lars Jacobsen lj at
Thu Jun 21 14:04:43 UTC 2007

Hi list.
Im having a memory problem on our server (3Ghz P4 with 1Gb RAM) when
enabling DDNS on DHCPd 3.05.
Normally the process Dhcpd has a CPU load ~ 1.7% and memory usage of
After enabling DDNS in conf and restarting, the memory usage grows to
200Mb within 24 hours ! Is this normal ?  Or a memory leak in DDNS ?
After a few days free memory is all gone and service/system halted.

My conf is ~ 2Mb and lease file drops from 6.3M to 1.8M when
"optimaization/rewrite" is performed.
General log grow by ~200Mb within 24 hours and rotated once a week.
Normally this causes no problem.
And CPU load is the same ~1.7% even with DDNS enable.

Any ideas why DDNS uses so much memory ?


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