Client classing

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Fri Jun 22 15:55:04 UTC 2007

>From: Morten Andersen <morten at>
>To: "dhcp-users at" <dhcp-users at>
>Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 17:19:55 +0200
>I am trying to create two address pools with a different gateway. I have found 
that client classing is exactly what I need but I can`t figure out what option I 
should use as a filter.
>Here are the two example requests:
>dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for from 00:0b:cd:04:d3:2f (NAT) via
>dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for from 00:0b:cd:04:d3:2f (NAT) via
>I want to filter on the relaying address. One gateway for requests via and another for requests via Is this possible?
>Best regards,
>Morten Andersen
Failing any specific option you could always extract that piece of
information from the packet directly. The function packet() is
described in the dhcp-options man page.

     packet (offset, length)

       The packet operator returns the specified portion  of  the
       packet  being  considered,  or  null  in contexts where no
       packet  is  being  considered.    Offset  and  length  are
       applied  to the contents packet as in the substring opera-


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