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Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
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We're a smaller-sized CLEC doing IP TV with Amino AmiNET 110 STBs...doing
the same thing?  I'm guessing you want to make sure that customers don't
plug their STBs into the wrong port on the DSL modem (probably in RFC
1483/bridging mode) and get an IP address, is that right?

The listservs are here:

You can find some documentation here:

Basically you want to create a class or possibly a subclass that masks out a
certain string.  Between the listservs and the documentation you'll most
certainly find a solution.



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I am using your DHCP software on Redhat Linux Enterprize edition. I am
trying to block DHCP requests from a certain brand of IP cable box called
Amino. I want to build an access list to block that company's OUI. Can you
help me or send me to the appropriate party? I am a member of your website
and forum. However, I cannot find the message board. Thank you.

Gideon Viator
IT Administrator
Kaplan Telephone Co.

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