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Gideon Viator ktcisg at kaplantel.net
Sun Jun 24 14:22:11 UTC 2007

Thanks for all the replies.


Well here's the thing. The different networks are on 2 different VLANs in my 
switch that feeds the calix. However, for some reason, calix combines them 
into one. The whole installation by calix was horrible. We are using Minerva 
as our middleware and ONT 711's which have 2 Eth ports. How would 
configuring data to the second port be any different than what I'm doing 

Our video network is configured in the IRC and Internet data in the GigE 2p 
card. There is an OUI list for your STBs on the IRC but nothing of the sort 
on the GigE card so the Aminos are getting public IPs and will not boot. Our 
data network is a 1483 bridge network.

I have an older C7 that im using for ATM transport, and it works great for 
that. I am finding that their IP solution is not very solid (IP over ATM). 
Assigning static IP addresses to everyone would be a nightmare for me and my 
crew. I really don't want to go that route.


I see what you are saying. It's kinda what I want to do. But, i dont want to 
deny booting, just deny requests all together to those devices so that it 
will time out and the STB will obtain an IP address from the correct server. 
here is what my file looks like:

subnet 69.X.X.X netmask

        option routers 69.x.x.x;
        option broadcast-address 69.x.x.115;
        range 69.x.x.113 69.x.x.114;
        option subnet-mask;

subnet 69.X.X.X netmask
        #AmiNet110 Member Classes
#       deny members of "AMINET11x mboot";
#       deny members of "AmiNet110 upgrd";
#       deny members of "AmiNet110 fisys";

        #AmiNet500 Memeber Classes
#       deny members of "AmiNet500 mboot";
#       deny members of "AmiNet500 upgrd";
#       deny members of "AmiNet500 fisys";

        range 69.x.x.20 69.x.x.254;
        option subnet-mask;
        option broadcast-address 69.x.x.255;
        option routers 69.x.x.1;
        option domain-name-servers 69.x.x.9, 69.x.x.196;
        option domain-name "kaplantel.net";
ddns-update-style ad-hoc;

As you can see, the minerva middleware people tried to set up a filter, but 
then backed out and never finished it.


One of the first rules of thumb i learned in college was to NOT put 2 DHCP 
servers on the same network. This IP TV system was designed by an 
engineering firm that my company hired. They ill designed it and now i am 
responsible for getting it to "work" correctly. We have been through several 
trouble tickets with Minerva and Calix since the install.

Thanks to all of you!!!!



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> Gideon:
> We're a smaller-sized CLEC doing IP TV with Amino AmiNET 110 STBs...doing
> the same thing?  I'm guessing you want to make sure that customers don't
> plug their STBs into the wrong port on the DSL modem (probably in RFC
> 1483/bridging mode) and get an IP address, is that right?
> The listservs are here:
> http://www.isc.org/index.pl?/sw/dhcp/dhcp-lists.php
> You can find some documentation here:
> http://www.bind9.net/manuals-dhcp
> Basically you want to create a class or possibly a subclass that masks out 
> a
> certain string.  Between the listservs and the documentation you'll most
> certainly find a solution.
> Regards,
> Frank
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> Hello,
> I am using your DHCP software on Redhat Linux Enterprize edition. I am
> trying to block DHCP requests from a certain brand of IP cable box called
> Amino. I want to build an access list to block that company's OUI. Can you
> help me or send me to the appropriate party? I am a member of your website
> and forum. However, I cannot find the message board. Thank you.
> Gideon Viator
> IT Administrator
> Kaplan Telephone Co.
> 337-643-7171
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