DHCPv6 Features

chinmaya+lists at gmail.com chinmaya+lists at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 18:22:22 UTC 2007

I was wondering if you anyone of you could tell me if the latest ISC-DHCP v
4.0.0a1 would
support the following features, which exists in DHCP3x versions

1. DDNS Support to update Bind9 server

2. Custom option support
option custom_122 code 122 = string;
host {
   option custom_122 03:17:00:0a:70:61:63:74

3. Classification (class and subclass)
Can I classify the devices by looking to a DHCPv6 option

4. Allow/Deny member of class/subclass
I should be able to allow/deny member of a class or subclass
I should be able to allow/deny known or unknown clients

5. Can I specify Zone inside subnet6
subnet6 ... {
        zone mydomain.com {

6. Can I use Shared network?
shared-network ... {
   subnet6 ... {
   subnet6 ... {

7. Can I use "allow bootp; deny bootp;  ignore bootp;" and Other allows/deny

thanks in advance
chinmaya swaroop n

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