Client classing

Jeremy Bessee jeremy.bessee at
Wed Jun 27 00:17:59 UTC 2007

Morten Andersen wrote:
>>Failing any specific option you could always extract that piece of
>>information from the packet directly. The function packet() is
>>described in the dhcp-options man page.
>>    packet (offset, length)
>>      The packet operator returns the specified portion  of  the
>>      packet  being  considered,  or  null  in contexts where no
>>      packet  is  being  considered.    Offset  and  length  are
>>      applied  to the contents packet as in the substring opera-
>>      tor.
> Thank you for your response. This sounds like a solution that can work but I can`t find any information about the packet() function, but I found "RELAY AGENT INFORMATION OPTION" in the dhcp-options man page and I think this can help me. One tiny problem now is that the man-page does not mention how to set the parameters on the dhcrelay agents. Anyone? :)
What do you plan on using as relay agents?

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