"DHCP set the hostname"

Tim Peiffer peiffer at umn.edu
Thu Mar 1 01:41:36 UTC 2007

A read of the manual page for dhcp-option(5) and dhclient-script(5) is 
useful.  An excerpt from the man page says:
       option host-name string;

          This option specifies the name of the client.  The name may  
or  may
          not be qualified with the local domain name (it is preferable 
to use
          the domain-name option to specify the domain name).   See  
RFC  1035
          for  character  set  restrictions.   This  option is only 
honored by
          dhclient-script(8) if the hostname for the  client  machine  
is  not

The use of the host-name specified is optional and depends upon how the 
client is configured.  Now the next logical question, is how does this 
work in Winderz?

Carl Karsten wrote:
> host-name is optional, right?
> I am sure I know the answer, but can't find support for it.
> This is for a olpc bugreport that goes like this:
> cjb: doesn't DHCP set the hostname, though?
> CarlFK: it can, but from what I have seen dhcp doesn't always happen
> CarlFK: and it isn't guaranteed
> cjb: if dhcp doesn't happen, we're not on a network and don't care that we don't 
> have a unique hostname.
> Carl K

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