FPAD packets killing server?

Niall O'Reilly Niall.oReilly at ucd.ie
Thu Mar 1 16:22:21 UTC 2007

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On 27 Feb 2007, at 11:41, Glenn Satchell wrote:

>> From: Paul Keck <pkeck at uga.edu>
>> On Mon, Feb 26, 2007 at 09:23:19PM +1100, Glenn Satchell wrote:
>>> You definitely need to upgrade to a newer version of ISC DHCPD.  
>>> 3.0pl2
>>> is about 6-7 years old bow, with only 2 security fixes since  
>>> then. Even
>>> 3.0.1 is about 4 years old, so neither of those is a reasonable
>>> candidate.
>> Thanks Glenn!  The server is a RHEL 4 box and 3.0.1 is apparently  
>> what Red
>> Hat approves for that version.  The sysadmins generally don't run  
>> anything
>> until Red Hat releases it, but I guess I'll have to ask them to  
>> bend on
>> this.  Where would you suggest they get an RPM for it?  They  
>> REALLY don't
>> like running specially compiled packages- interferes with their mass
>> management model.
> That's one of the reasons some people don't like RHEL :)

	It's also why we've developed a management model and corresponding
	training for our sysadmins based on building the components which are
	of critical importance and just using RHEL as a platform.

	I expect we can make our HOWTOs available.

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