Combining Classes

"Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" johannbg at
Mon Mar 5 17:20:18 UTC 2007

Lars Jacobsen wrote:
> Glenn Satchell <Glenn.Satchell at> wrote:> 
>> class "combined" {
>>   match concat (substring (hardware, 1, 3), substring
>> (option agent.circuit-id, 
>> 0,4));
>> }
>> subclass "combined" 00:11:22:31:32:33:34;
>> Yes it's ugly!
> Not as ugly as my "3. class" will be :-/
>> One other thought - when you try to do something that turns
>> out to be
>> quite tricky it sometimes helps to explain the result you're
>> trying to
>> achieve. There may be an entirely different way to achieve
>> that result.
>> So perhaps if you can explain what it is you want to achieve
>> the
>> collective wisdom of the list may come up with an elegant
>> solution.
>> HTH
>> regards,
>> -glenn
> Ill try to explain:
> Some nodes(routers) on our network has a "multinet" capabillity to serve more networks on the same pysical port(IP adress). On these we have CPE node with has its own Private IP adress 10.x.x.x Costumer PC´s hooked up to the node gets an Public IP adress 85.27.x.x. Now IP TV STB will also be connected to the same port and need to have 10.228.x.x. Both Costumer PC and TV-STB will be assigned from the same DHCP server and via the same relay agent. So the DHCP server will have to destingus between a random PC witch shall get an public IP from a certain pool that matches the multinet where the CPE node is connected, (relay agent info is used here) and a random STB from a specic vendor witch will neeed a private IP adress. The STB must not get an IP adress from the same public pool the PC get IP adresses from. 
> The relay agent witch is also "multinet" compliant serve up to 16 of these CPE nodes.
> We therefore used to have a class based on the relay agent (class no. 1) and allow users PC clients to the pool. To limit the the STB from getting IP´s from this specific pool i made class "STB" (Class no. 2) and deny them from the public pool. This also works fine. Now i made a new privat 10.228.xx pool witch i want to allow only those STB comming from relay agent (class 1). That is comming from the same relay agent as class 1 and be a STB as class 2. So the logic works fine but as you mention some otions wil not evaluate to boolan values, and thus will this not work.
> This is also why i asked if someone had done something similar. Seems like a have to do it the hard way and make evaluation to several thousands classes more. Guess thats why scripting was envented ;-)
> /Lars
What about !=TV-STB ?

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