Different IP every time

Darren perl-list at network1.net
Tue Mar 6 21:49:19 UTC 2007

You could do some over subscription.  However, that won't force a change 
at the end of the lease, unless the lease actually ends (ie: The device 
is not turned on and updating the lease) it will just mean that the 
device is likely to get a different IP when it comes back as the 
previous IP will likely have been recycled.
Simon Hobson wrote:
> Dario Protulipac wrote:
>> The idea is to give 24 hour lease and then change the address. Managers
>> want that because t-com do this in Croatia (using pppoe), so the people
>> are used to that. Any way, I'm aware that this is not how DHCP should
>> behave, but they insist on this because this is FTTH service and they
>> want some limitation so they can sell other FTTx services on bigger
>> price. Since this is political and not technical issue any more, I'll
>> thank You for Your answers and stop this thread hoping that I won't be
>> forced do patch the server :)
> So it is "management want this broken behaviour" !
> I don't think you'll be able to modify the server to do this, from 
> what I gather the whole concept of addresses staying constant is 
> built deep into the logic and it would require some very major 
> changes to alter that.
> Over here in the UK I see lots of stupid behaviour from ISPs - like 
> charging silly premiums for fixed addresses. With ADSL the address 
> pool is near enough required to be as big as your customer base 
> because so many are now permanently connected with hardware routers 
> and unlike dial-up you have to have a 'port' per user - it certainly 
> does cost a third of the basic service extra to offer a fixed IP !

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