Newbie Question : ERROR: dhcp Unable to add forward map from

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Wed Mar 7 13:09:21 UTC 2007

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>>Subject: Newbie Question : ERROR: dhcp Unable to add forward map from
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>>I am not able figure out that my why do I get following errors? 
>>dhcp: Unable to add forward map from "computername" to
>>Named Error:
>>named [805] /etc/namedb/ : create permission denied.
>>Is there any relationship between these two messages?
>>Please help me out of this chaos, I can submit my configuration filles for 
> perusal. 
>>Is it related to hosts file? 
> Wild guess here. named is often run as a non-root user, eg look for the
> running named process. The user is specified with the -u option, eg
> named -u bind is common, and in that case the user would be 'bind'.
> Make sure this user has write permission on the directory /var/named
> and all the files in it.
> The dhcp error likely flows on form the error status returned from the
> failed update.

I had the similar situation. I had AppArmor profile for dns which does not have permission to create file in the directory. But I had used sles. Check out you have something similar to that . (Use rcapparmor status)


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