dynamic dns server?

Craig craig5 at pobox.com
Thu Mar 15 20:55:05 UTC 2007


I am trying to do dynamic dns updates from dhcpd (3.0.1). (DNS is bind 

dhcpd seems to get the correct information and tries to update DNS, but 
I see messages like the following in the logs:

Mar 15 13:26:32 dhcp-server dhcpd: unable to add reverse map from
r.arpa. to new-machine.company.com.: timed out

But, which DNS server is dhcpd going to try to update?

The reason I ask is because we have dhcpd running and working just fine. 
We are now trying to get DNS going. So, the dns servers listed (in 
dhcpd.conf) are our ISP's:

option domain-name-servers x.y.z.1, x.y.z.2, x.y.z.3;

Where x.y.z.0 is NOT our network. We have a DNS server at

How does dhcpd decide which dns server to try to update?

Also, how do I tell dhcpd to update and NOT any of the 
x.y.z.* servers?

BTW, I do not see anything in the named logs on which is why 
I am pretty sure it is trying to update the "wrong" DNS server.


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