dynamic dns server?

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Mar 15 21:31:33 UTC 2007

Craig wrote:

>But, which DNS server is dhcpd going to try to update?

If you specified a zone declaration in the dhcpd.conf file then it 
will use the specified server. If not then it will use the correct 

"correct server" is the authoritative server listed in the zones SOA 
record - so if your dns is correctly set up then it will all happen 
automagically. Of course, if you have bogus data in your dns then the 
dhcp server will attempt to update the wrong place.

>option domain-name-servers x.y.z.1, x.y.z.2, x.y.z.3;
>Where x.y.z.0 is NOT our network. We have a DNS server at
>How does dhcpd decide which dns server to try to update?

See above

>Also, how do I tell dhcpd to update and NOT any of the
>x.y.z.* servers?

Is authoritative for the zones ?

All this is, of course, as "as seen by the dhcp server" which will 
consult the servers specified in your resolv.conf file to find the 
SOA record for the zone being updated.

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