Newbie question: Servers for Multiple subnets on same Ethernet

Chiu, PCM (Peter) P.C.M.Chiu at
Fri Mar 16 12:25:50 UTC 2007

We currently have a (windows based) dhcp server serving mainly laptops
on our LAN.
The LAN is made up of multiple gigabit links to a local Nortel router.
We have three subnets overlaid on the LAN.
We are going to introduce a block of Linux servers, and use one of them
as a master
to serve operating system to the other Linux servers.  These servers
will be connected on the same
LAN (through a separate managed switch) so that they can be reached
directly by users on the same LAN.
If we enable the dhcpd service on the master, to serve the Linux clients
a. using addresses on a different subnet from that served by the windows
dhcp server, and
b. restricting the service to those with specific MAC addresses,
is there anything we need to watch out for?

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