Mixed environments: DHCP Secure Update

Michele Vetturi mvetturi at yahoo.it
Wed Mar 21 15:46:17 UTC 2007

Hi all,
        this is my first post in dhcp-users. I appreciate a lot your
dicussions. Here I found a great source of ideas.

Now my question: we are going to renew our network and the Active
Directory environment. I'm talking about 500 desktops, 50 servers, 20
virtual servers... So, a tedious job!

I'm very interested in migrating some core service from Windows OS to
Linux, and I'm studying how to deploy a Linux DHCP Server (ISC DHCP3)
with SECURE Dynamic Update toward a Windows DNS service.

I opted for the Windows DNS because the staff who will manage this
service, but me, prefer a Windows GUI Management Console instead of
BIND zone files.

And for DHCP, I see that the ISC implementation allow me doing a lot
more tricks.

Now, I think I'm right when I say that Windows DNS accepts dynamic
updates only if clients support GSS-TSIG algorithm... and ISC DHCP
does not.

So, I'm looking for suggestions. Have I a little hope to see this
inter-operation working? How can I?

Thank you for your replies. And excuse my broken english... :)

Bye bye

Michele Vetturi

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