Mixed environments: DHCP Secure Update

Michele Vetturi mvetturi at yahoo.it
Wed Mar 21 17:16:48 UTC 2007

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> > I opted for the Windows DNS because the staff who will manage
> > this service, but me, prefer a Windows GUI Management Console
> > instead of BIND zone files.
> >
> There are several web-based zone file editors.  (Webmin springs to mind)
> However, this does overcome your stated goal of providing secure
> updates.

So, you indirectly suggest to use Bind9 + DHCP3 with TSIG secure
updates, that was my original idea.

Doing so, I will grant updates for any RR, including SRV updates, A
and PTR inserts and deletes.

In an Active Directory context, in your experience, what are the
remaining steps which I will have to complete manually? Only
underscore subdomains creations needs manual job?

Does those Web GUIs supports such operations?

Googling, I found mysqlBind, GAdminTools (GTK+, not Web) and WebBind.
Which one is the better, in your opinion?

Someone know any others GUI for BIND, stable and complete?

Thank you a lot, again.

Michele Vetturi

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