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Thu Mar 22 10:36:20 UTC 2007

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Simon Hobson wrote:
> Shane Kerr wrote:
>>  > Is this means to say that ISC-DHCP is going to be dual-stack on release
>>>  4.0.0?
>> ISC DHCP will support both DHCP and DHCPv6.
>> What do you mean by "dual-stack"?
> I think he means one application running both IP4 and IP6, as opposed 
> to having an IP4 application and a separate IP6 application as 
> happens with many other IP6 programs.

I haven't seen an answer to this from the person asking the original question,
so I'll just explain how the software works today.

We have a single client binary, and a single server binary. These run in either
IPv4 or IPv6 mode. If you use "-4" then it runs DHCP for IPv4, if you use "-6"
it runs DHCPv6.

You should use different configuration files for IPv4 and IPv6. Many of the
configuration settings only work for either IPv4 or IPv6 (options are different,
for example), and some work slightly differently (the lease times have more
complicated interpretations in DHCPv6, for example).

DHCP for IPv4 and DHCPv6 are totally separate protocols, and manage totally
separate address pools. There may be some small benefit in running a single
daemon, so we may pursue that in the future.

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