Omapi and agent.remote-id

Staffan.Ungsgard at Staffan.Ungsgard at
Tue Mar 27 13:05:53 UTC 2007

I need to get hold of the agent.remote-id via omapi.
As I can tell this isn't supported (yet).
I found this in the archives:
which explains how to add code in omapi.c to obtain this.

I can't figure out how to call this function "dhcp_lease_stuff_values". It doesn't seem to have a corresponding
calling point in dhcpctl.

-- Staffan

I add the text in the above link below:
neufeld at said:
> My guess is it's not even _on_ some big list. 

There is no support for getting agent.* stuff from OMAPI out of box, the 
patch to code is quite trivial.

I can't make nice patch of the change as I have some other changes in the 
code that surrond this piece but this should be put into server/omapi.c 
function dhcp_lease_stuff_values before /* Write out the inner object, if 
any */ comment

        /* Put out agent options if any */
        if(lease-> agent_options) {
          struct option_cache *oc;
          pair p;

          for(p = lease->agent_options->first; p; p = p -> cdr) {
            oc = (struct option_cache *)p -> car;
            if (oc -> data.len) {
              /* omapi_connection_put_name */
              status = omapi_connection_put_uint16(c,
                                  strlen(oc -> option -> name)+6);
              if(status == ISC_R_SUCCESS)
                status=omapi_connection_copyin(c, (const unsigned char 
              if(status == ISC_R_SUCCESS)
                status=omapi_connection_copyin(c, (const unsigned char 
              /* The size */
              if(status == ISC_R_SUCCESS)
                status=omapi_connection_put_uint32(c, oc -> data.len);
              if(status == ISC_R_SUCCESS)
                status=omapi_connection_copyin(c, oc ->,
                                               oc -> data.len);
              if(status != ISC_R_SUCCESS)
                return status;

Jarkko Torppa, Elisa Internet

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