Failover problem

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Fri Mar 30 19:00:56 UTC 2007

Jorge Raimundo wrote:

>The two servers are in a separate VLAN. The router is configured to
>make DHCP relay to the DHCP VLAN. If both servers were behind NAT,
>they would answer with the same IP address. Is this configuration
>possible or does it poses problems?

Yes, it would cause problems to put the servers behind nat.

>  > I have the following problem: some laptops that try to receive an
>>  address to connect via wireless connection hung in the process of
>>  getting the address. I've sniffed the communication and I saw the
>>  following: - DISCOVER - OFFER (from the primary) - REQUEST - ACK
>  > (from the secondary, witch is ignored by the client)

You appear to have something wrong, I believe you should see OFFERS 
from both servers, and at the very least should see an ACK from 
whichever server offered the lease being requested. What you should 
NOT see is an offer from just one server, and then only an ACK from 
the other.

I'm not familiar enough with failover to comment further than this.

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