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Jose Amengual M. pepe at
Fri Mar 30 23:06:28 UTC 2007

Thank You very much!!!!!!That help me a lot, but . what happens if y use 10 ip per pool ? ( the dhcp will be use more resources ? )Thanks. ----- Mensaje original -----De: Simon Hobson Fecha: Viernes, Marzo 30, 2007 3:59 pmAsunto: Re: strange networkA: dhcp-users at> Jose Amengual M. wrote:> > >I have 10 gateways in the same subnet in my network like.> >> >Gw1> >Gw2> >Gwn 10.0.0.x> >Subnet mask> >> >  I will have like 5000 new clients behind a isc-dhcp, but each > >actual gateway only support 512 clients simultaneously, for > that > >reason I need to make in any way that my DHCP server send to > the > >client different gateways address for any new connection like > round > >robin load balancing.> > Put your address ranges into different groups like this :> > subnet subnet-mask {>   pool {>     range;>     range;>     option routers;>   }>   pool {>     range;>     range;>     option routers;>   }>   pool {>     range;>     range;>     option routers;>   }>  ...> }> > > This way, there are only 510 addresses available in each pool, > so you > cannot have too many clients using one gateway. You will find > that > initially clients will get addresses starting with the highest > available address - and thus the clients will not be evenly > spread > across the gateways. With enough clients, enough churn, and over > time, the clients will become more evenly spread.> > If you need to approximate some load balance, you can force > clients > to use the lower addresses first by restricting the higher > addresses > from being used - just add the ranges to the config as needed. > Eg, in > the above config snippet, add only the first pool, then when it > is > (say) half used, add the second pool. When that is half used, > add the > third pool, and so on.> > 

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