If the lease files are lost what would be the solution?

kalyanasundaram s.kalyanasundaram at inbox.com
Fri May 4 12:54:44 UTC 2007

Hi Frank,
    As others mentioned the only solution would be  cleaning up the
abandon  lease  and restart the server for some time. But i would like
to see how you have done it through router's table. Is that possible for
me to see the perl script. 

On Wed, 2007-04-25 at 07:10 -0500, Frank Bulk wrote:
> I once accidentally deleted mine and had to re-create it (I used a Perl
> script to do so).  I sourced the data from the router's ARP table and turned
> on ping-ahead.  I obviously had some pain until my 50% of lease time arrive
> (36 hours).
> Frank 
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> Subject: If the lease files are lost what would be the solution?
> Hi all,
> The leases are stored in dhcpd.leases and backup is at dhcpd.leases~. For
> some reason these files are lost and dont have any kind of backup of them
> and again server got stopped. Say some hardware fault have come. We will
> have to restart the dhcpd server without the lease database. 
> Does anyone faced this kind of situation. What would be the good suggestion
> for recovering this problem. 
> The problem is, the existing client go for renewal and may be get a new IP
> address which breaks his (connection, download or whatever). The other case
> would be new clients have come up and ask for an IP and the server check for
> a free IP but which is already available and mark as abandon and give some
> new IP to the new client. When the original client goes for renewal of the
> IP but that is already marked as abandon. So after that i guess it will get
> a new IP address. 
> I guess there would be some more scenarios. 
> Anybody faced this kind of similar problem? Any suggestions are appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
>  -"kalyan"

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