USB-to-Ethernet Relay

Kaustuv De (w/PGDIT) Kaustuv.De at
Mon May 7 06:37:03 UTC 2007

> Kaustuv De (w/PGDIT) wrote:
>>I would like to develop a USB-to-Ethernet relay.
>>This system will require an internal DHCP client to
>>configure the Ethernet interface. In particular it
>>will need the following to operate in the network:
>>+ its own IP address
>>+ its subnet mask
>>+ the gateway address
>>To act as a relay, it will additionally require:
>>+ the IP address of the m/c which will host the USB virtual
>>   devices
>>+ the port number through which it will connect to that host
>>   to the USB virtual device server.
>>Initially, I am to write a linux based dhcp client. After that
>>I have to port that to a FPGA kit with both USB and
>>Ethernet interfaces.
>>Should I write a standrad dhcp client..can any body please give me some
>>idea, what will be ideal approach...
> I'm still unclear on this. You start off by describing how to
> configure a host with USB devices attached - that is stuff you can do
> "off the shelf" in just about any Linux distro.
> Then you write : "To act as a relay, it will additionally require ..."
> Is this the relay agent or host you are talking about ?

** Relay agent

One think you
> have to realise is that it's rather difficult to have a relay agent
> that is itself configured by DHCP (except for the case where you use
> DHCP to configure the 'outside', and relay requests from the inside
> where you have a manual config).
> Is "the m/c which will host the USB virtual devices" the same machine
> as the relay agent, or a completely different machine ?

> **No.The Relay Agent is the one, which I need to build.It will simply
forward packet from USB to Ethernet and Viceversa.Then I have to port
that to FPGA Kit having both USB and Ethernet Port.
> Sorry to sound negative, but I just cannot visualise what it is you
> are trying to build and how it is supposed to function.

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