Workstation can't obtain IP

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue May 8 18:12:00 UTC 2007

James Keating wrote:

>a win2k-sp3 client machine named joe in a remote building connected via T1
>with Cisco routers works all year on ISC DHCP v3.0.3....
>until monday. then, no amount of re-booting, ipconfig/release
>and renew would obtain it a valid dynamic IP from the server.
>i finally had to put in a static.
>upon returning to the server, i found this in the dhcpd.leases file.
>why the 2-minute lease? should be 3-days. any other way to force a renew?
>lease {
>   starts 1 2007/05/07 15:31:47;
>   ends 1 2007/05/07 15:33:47;
>   binding state free;
>   hardware ethernet 00:03:47:22:33:44;
>   uid "\001\000\003Gc\330Z";
>   client-hostname "joe";

The server creates a two minute lease when it generates an offer - 
this is a means of 'reserving' the address for the client IF it does 
come back and request it OR allowing it to become free again if the 
client doesn't make a request for it (it might have got an address 
from a different server).

Of far more interest would be the server log entries when the client 
is attempting to get a lease - they might tell us something.

Also, have there been ANY network changes at all, and are other 
clients on the subnet getting addresses ?

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