Workstation can't obtain IP

James Keating jkeating at
Wed May 9 11:38:35 UTC 2007

Simon Hobson wrote:
> James Keating wrote:
>> No network changes. No complaints from other users about their machines
>> on either subnet.
>> Here's the /var/log/system.log. It's pretty sparse.
>> May  7 07:42:54 earths-computer dhcpd: Abandoning IP address
>> pinged before offer...
>> That's not good.
>> Pinged before offer means that the server pinged the address before 
>> offering it and got a reply.
>> declined means that the client declined the offer, typically after 
>> getting an ARP reply for the address.
>> What we can't do is tell why !
I suspect those error messages are related to problems with old Apples 
(the machines on that subnet
are almost all Mac OS 9.x). Before we had ISC's dhcpd we had an NT 
server that would rack up a
lot of BAD_ADDRESSs. Packet sniffing showed the Apples requesting IPs 

The problem outlined in this thread is dealing with a PC running Win2K, 
and there's nothing in
the logs with the address dhcpd is apparently preparing to offer that 
PC, ala

lease {
   starts 1 2007/05/07 15:31:47;
   ends 1 2007/05/07 15:33:47;
   binding state free;
   hardware ethernet 00:03:47:22:33:44;
   uid "\001\000\003Gc\330Z";
   client-hostname "joe";

I'll go back to the man page and try to find a way to increase the debug 
level, or start packet sniffing again.
I'll post anything interesting. Thanks.

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