ISC DHCP and VCS setup

Steve Forman sforman at
Wed May 9 16:11:18 UTC 2007


	We are currently in the process of setting up DHCP with Veritas
Cluster Server in preparation for service migration and I've setup a
process resource which creates a virtual IP on the servers.  I've tested
failover capabilities and it all works well, however, in the past, we've
noticed that our Calix customers seem to ignore the "server-identifier"
property which (if I understand correctly is supposed to force the
daemon to process requests on the virtual IP as opposed to the physical). 
Therefore, with our impending cutover, it would require that all of our
Calix customers, on several individual Calixes, replace the old physical
server IP addresses with all three of our new server  IPs. 
	 The question is:  is it possible to make this cutover without
the need for them to change their Calix setups, i.e., is there an
alternate configuration that would work or another way to force the
daemon to listen on the virtual IP? Does anybody have any advice on how
to proceed moving forward with VCS or is this the best/only way to do it?
Thanks greatly in advance.

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