port to aix?

Keith Neufeld keith.neufeld at wichita.edu
Thu May 10 16:09:42 UTC 2007

> I was browsing the readme, but it didn't show a port for aix.  Any  
> plans to
> expand the ports list -- the DNS server has it, but I am unsure how  
> much sharing
> occurs b/w DNS and DHCP teams.

Works great on AIX!

Last time I used it there (2002), the only drawback was that if your  
DHCP server was multihomed and you had clients on multiple of the  
directly-attached subnets, the server couldn't tell which one a  
request came from so it couldn't serve addresses properly.  But you  
can easily change your topology to work around that quirk; and  
someone may have completed a port to the DLPI low-layer driver by  
now, which should solve that problem.

Keith Neufeld
Lead Network Engineer
Wichita State University

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